So what did you do?

I took a bus out to Sanxia and shopped on the Old Street there.

What’d you get?

A pretty camphor wood carving for the wall.

We should go out there together sometime.

Yeah, that would be fun.


Do you have time for coffee?

Sure, but I’d better stick with juice or tea, or I’ll be up all night.

Caffeine doesn’t seem to affect me that much…
    A small latte, hot, please, for here.

One small mango smoothie, please, for here. Here’s my NTU ID.

And here’s mine.


Are you keeping up with everything OK?

I was pretty frazzled the first two weeks of the semester.

But now?

I’m almost caught up in all my classes.

Being busy sure forces you to find ways to be more efficient.


I’m tired of cafeteria food. Let’s do something different tonight. 

Have anything particular in mind?

There’s a place on Dingzhou Road that has good steam-fried chive rolls.

But they don’t have any place to sit.

We can bring them back to the Student Center to eat.

OK. Let’s go.


There’s always a ridiculously long line for the red bean cakes.

I know – it’s weird. I tried them once, and couldn’t for the life of me
 figure out what was so special about them. 

We’re lucky they don’t all like the chive rolls instead. No waiting!

Ten chive rolls, please.

Here you are. Be careful – they’re hot! … That’ll be 130 NT dollars.

Thanks! …

I’m stuffed! Those things are really filling!