Just now I thought someone had brought their little kid with them here.


I heard this really high, tiny, sweet voice. 
Then I turned to have a look at her, and saw that she was about 19 years old.

I wonder if she talks like that on purpose, or if it’s just her natural voice.


What’s that song they’re playing? I love it!

I have no idea. But it is nice. Wonder what it is and who the singer is.

I’ll jot down a couple lines of the lyrics and Google it. 

That usually works.


We visited my uncle’s family and my grandma in New Taipei City this weekend.

How was it?

It was nice. My uncle cooked for us and we all caught up on each other.

It’s good to spend time with family. I wish my grandparents lived closer.


How’s your grandma doing?

She forgets things very quickly. She asks us the same questions over and over.

Do you find that frustrating, or tiring?

No. We just have the same conversation again 
    as though it were the first time.
    We don’t know how much longer she’ll be with us, 
    so I try to make the best of every minute with her.


I can’t find my bike.

Think back – where did you last park it?

Right here. But it’s not here.

What does that message written in chalk on the asphalt say?

“Illegally parked bicycles towed to Shuiyuan campus 11/19.”